NHLANGULER provides dynamic professional services in the Engineering sector. Our core business focuses on Electrical Engineering covering specialized Electrification, Power generation, Control and Instrumentation, Civil Engineering for both commercial and industrial, ICT services and Industrial Cleaning. Our team has a long-standing and proven track record within the market. Our in-depth knowledge and experience enable us to offer innovative and superior solutions to our clients. As a team, we thrive both on the intellectual challenges that markets present and on the satisfaction of delivering high quality services and products to our clients.


Name Ownership % Status
Philani Allen Nxumalo 100% Black male

BEE Status

NHLANGULER is a BBBEE Level 1 Contributor


NHLANGULER strives to be the best servicer of choice in the Engineering space and ICT sector Our aim is to deliver quality service to our customers, thereby being recognized as the leading corporation in our respective industry in the Southern Africa region and abroad. Every effort is made to secure long term relationships with all stakeholders which in turn will ensure sustainability.


Our Organization is motivated by the need to achieve a happy client base through our expert, customer-tailored solutions approach and success both nationally and globally.  We strive to develop our people through our strategic partnerships and alliances.

NHLANGULER personnel are in touch with the latest technology trends, products, events, services and solutions when they happen as they happen on a day-to-day basis on the world market.

To carry out our task safely without harm to personnel, equipment and the environment

Our Focus Areas

Project management

  • Project execution in term of cost (Engineering Hours) and time (Schedule) for all Engineering activities.
  • Time based scheduling, budgeting, personnel allocation and project staffing
  • Financial budgeting, management, costing, value Engineering
  • Equipment, facilities and site selection, preparation and planning
  • Correct application of all standards, best practices, company internal recommendations and QA requirements within all designs.
  • Coordinate project technical documentation related to the scope.
  • Elaboration of Project technical progress reports related to the scope.
  • Document and manage project milestones and deliverables.
  • Set valid and realistic timelines.
  • Provide project sound cost estimates.
  • Provide detailed resource plans.
  • Early warning system for task slippage.
  • Keep the project team focused and updated on progress


  • Develop and enhance Maintenance strategies.
  • Adherence to Client Maintenance Strategies.
  • Run-to-failure (breakdown maintenance)
  • Preventive (scheduled) maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance (PdM)
  • Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM)
  • General maintenance and repair of Electrical, Mechanical, process measurement and control instrumentation, ensuring effective life extension of equipment through a proactive and quality driven maintenance approach.
  • Fault-finding and repairing in all sectors, thereby ensuring 100% plant and equipment availability.

Engineering Services

Control and Instrumentation Services

  • Supply, Installation and calibration of Valves (Motorized & Pneumatic) and Transmitters (Pressure, Rada, Ultrasonic & Magnetic).
  • Outage Work- Calibrations and recommissioning
  • Maintenance Work- Fault finding and Preventive Maintenance
  • Overhauling of valve Motorized and Pneumatic.
  • Overhauling of Pneumatic cylinders.
  • Cable pulling and termination.
  • DCS cubicle wiring.
  • Making of plant schematic drawings
  • Making of termination drawings.
  • Making of the as build drawings.
  • Control room design and construction.
  • Design, programing and installation of DCS.
  • Cold and hot commissioning of plant.
  • Maintenance Strategy formulation and Implementation

Mechanical Services

  • Preparation of general arrangement of vessel equipment, equipment fabrication drawings and piping isometrics.
  • Create fabrication drawings, specification charts and other documentation.
  • Draw freehand sketches of designs, trace finished drawings on to designated paper for the reproduction of blueprint and reproduce work drawings.
  • Comply with all product engineering draughting standards and procedures within the department.
  • Producing drawings such as:
  • General arrangement, Plant/Plan layout, P&IDs and as built drawings.
  • Fabrication Drawings of piping, structural steel, steel tanks 
  • Mechanical components for maintenance.
  • Nozzle orientation.
  • Supporting structure
  • Producing drawings such as General arrangement, Plan layout, as built drawings.
  • Conduct site surveys to determine exact requirements
  • Creating of 3 dimensions (3D) and 2 dimensions (2D) drawings.
  • Update current drawings when new revisions are required.
  • Update redline drawings
  • Checking of drawings and implementing drawings office standards
  • To interpret small to medium process designs from a mechanical.
  • Comply with all product engineering draughting standards and procedures within the department.
  • Takes responsibility for small to medium complexity projects from the initial engineering design to the successful commissioning of the projects including:
    • Preliminary design and repairs on
    • Component lists
    • Detailed final design
    • Detailed documentation
  • Supervise and train learner draughtsman.
  • Update current drawings when new revisions are required.
  • Compute dimensions of materials and draw up detailed Bill of Material.

Electrical Services

  • Reticulation and Electrification
  • HV Substations up to 132kV (Foundations, structural steel, equipment and stringing).
  • MV Systems (Transformers, cables, racking, switchgear, motors and VSD’s).
  • LV Systems (Transformers, cables, racking, switchgear, motors and VSD’s).
  • Solar system Installation and Maintenance.
  • Earthing and lightning protection.
  • Standby and Uninterrupted Power Supply and Installation.
  • Explosion prevention installations and Maintenance.
  • Electrification of buildings and issuing of COCs.
  • Installation of high quality down light for both commercial and residential buildings.